George Floyd was a peace activist and respected community leader. He was far from his home in Houston when he was murdered in broad daylight by Minneapolis police.

George Floyd, known as Floyd, or Big Floyd, by friends and family, was in Minneapolis on business, far from his family and community, when four Minneapolis police officers murdered him in broad daylight. It was, in effect, a modern day lynching as those police officers served as judge, jury, and executioner on an unarmed, non-violent, handcuffed Black man.

He was dragged from his car, pinned to the ground, and choked even as he begged for air by officers using unnecessary and deadly force.
Video of the incident clearly shows the officer, Derek Chauvin, employing a deadly chokehold as Floyd repeatedly states, “I can’t breathe.” He was non-violent, unarmed, and begging for mercy in broad daylight, yet both officers present at the scene continued to use illegal force until it was too late.

Though four Minneapolis officers involved in George’s murder have since been fired, his family has yet to receive justice for the tragic loss they now face. The officers responsible for this horrible killing must be tried and charged with the murder of George Floyd.

We need your help: join us in calling on County Attorney Michael Freeman—who has the power to arrest and charge these police officers—to hold them accountable for the murder of George Floyd.
About “Big Floyd”
George Floyd was known to his close friends as “Big Floyd“. We want you to know about the man he was before he was killed by four officers.

Big Floyd grew up in Houston, Texas, in Third Ward Cuney Homes.  He was an all-around athlete growing up. He was the starting Tight End for Yates High School’s football team in 1992 when they went all the way to the State Championship.

Big Floyd was known throughout his community as a peacemaker, a minister, and someone to take advice from. He was a father and brother. He loved his family and wanted to provide a better future for them.

George Floyd moved to Minneapolis to get better working opportunities for himself and for his family. He started driving trucks in Minnesota and went on to also work at a restaurant in Minneapolis as a security guard. He was known in his new job as a hardworking and friendly employee. Everywhere he went he was the same caring and kind spirit.


Artwork by @shirien.creates


George Floyd was beloved. He was in Minneapolis for work, far from home. He should have made it home to his family and loved ones—instead he was a victim of brutal police violence that must not go unchecked.

Though four officers involved in the case have been relieved of duty, all Minneapolis officers involved, including Derek Chauvin and his partner Tou Thao, must be held accountable for this horrible murder.

Please join us in demanding justice for George Floyd and his family by adding your name to our super petition. When you sign, our platform will automatically send your message to County Attorney Michael Freeman, who has the power to arrest and charge these police officers.

Minneapolis police officers did this. We need all hands on deck to demand justice: please add your name to tell County Attorney Michael Freeman that they need to be put behind bars.

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